Google introduced Google My Business in 2014 to help local businesses stand out more in search and connect more easily with their ideal audience.

The aim was to help simplify business management online and bring together one superior Google presence that can be found on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+.

And it’s free.

If you had an existing Google Places or Google+ Business Page, you would have automatically been upgraded to Google My Business.

Google My Business and Google Search

Local search results have a new edge.

Just like standard search engine rankings, Google’s location-based search results are influenced by relevance to the search query, and the prominence of your business online, such as links, articles and directories referring back to your business.

Now add location to the mix, and you have a powerful marketing tool in your business kit.

If a location is not specified in the search phrase, Google calculates distance based on the user’s location. Particularly when a mobile device is being used.
The location-based search results display a Google My Business listing to the right, showing enough detail to make it as easy as imaginable for the user to take action:

As you can see, contact details, location and opening hours are all right there at a glance.

And the same in Google Maps:

If you have multiple locations, you can manage all of them and their individual pages from a single dashboard.
And the convenience doesn’t stop there.

Reaching your audience on mobile has never been easier

You’ve probably experienced this in your mobile searches already.

Google Search brings up a stunning page on any user’s smart phone, putting a relevant business right there at their fingertips. If presented well, the summary is very clear and convincing, and all they need to do next is either click the Call, hit Directions to bring up Google Maps to get them there, or if they need to know more, simply go to the Website.

If they are out and about, they can even see if the place is open right now.

Managing and monitoring your Google My Business is simple – it’s all in one place

The Google My Business home page allows you to edit your business and map details, post on your Google+ page, and review statistics for views, clicks, reviews and comments – all in the one convenient dashboard. You can even reply to comments right there.

You can also manage it on the go, using the available apps for Android and both iPhone and iPad.

If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you set up your Google My Business page, or edit your automatic upgrade soon, and make the most of this free business marketing tool.

It’s already helping great businesses become greater:

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