A/B tests on a simple button increased a manufacturer’s online orders by 24%

Prolube Lubricants produce high quality motor oils and industrial lubes right here in Australia.


With so many specialist needs for motor and industrial lubricants, choosing the right one can be time-consuming for both the customer and the seller over the phone. Besides that, technical documents and books can be often difficult to decipher.

As a result, the team at Prolube took the initiative to set up an oil selector tool. By simply answering a few questions, the oil selector tool does the work by presenting the appropriate product.

The problem was, not many people were using the tool. It was new and, as it turned out, people were overlooking it on the website.


Running a simple A/B led to a solution that brought a lot more people’s attention to the oil selection tool.

Rather than just changing the colour or wording on the button, we aimed for something more substantial. The test involved moving the button to a more prominent location on the home page and changing its size and shape altogether. This proved to have a big impact.



We had a clear winner after only a week. The ‘stand out’ button, separated from the main navigation, could hardly be missed, and button clicks increased by 45%.

The increased use of the selection tool subsequently resulted in 24% more product orders through the website.

More website visitors were finding what they wanted. Therefore, following through to submit an order.



more clicks

The winning button proved a big response over just 7 days.



more orders

More people were finding what they wanted and were ready to buy.


So you see, just one change can make a substantial difference. Continuing with tests and finding winning solutions, these accumulative increases just keep coming.

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